My Night with a Time Traveling Trucker on The Jellyvision Show

Last week, I met a time traveling trucker who is — if I understand everything correctly — set to become a very big part of my life sometime in the future’s past. Or maybe the present’s future? It was all very confusing.

The Jelly Vision Show 112
The Jelly Vision Show Episode #112. That’s me in the corner.

We met when I was recording an episode of the The JellyVision Show last week, a last-minute deal that cropped up because the scheduled guest had to cancel and my friend Colleen (founder of Tiger’s Blood Theater) pulled some behind-the-scenes strings. The JeyllyVision show was just selected as a featured podcast and podcast of the week by Podbean, so they’re kind of a big deal. Here’s the rundown:

Buckle Up because we time travel on this special Sci-Fi-ish episode of The JellyVision Show. We talk to writer, actor and film maker, Justin McLachlan who came to us through our friend  Colleen McKenna of Tiger’s Blood Theater, after our scheduled guest had to cancel at the last minute. We refer to Justin throughout the episode as Grade- A Groin Meat, due to his impressive resume and our inability to introduce a guest properly.  Justin is the author of the Sci-Fi books, primed for the big screen, The Station One series. He even published his first non-fiction book about Star Trek technology in April, called Treknology. His non-fiction work has been published in Wired and Popular Science Magazines. He is kind of a big deal. Look at this cool t-shirt he will sell you for a fair price!

There you go! This was such good timing, because I’m working on a new chapter for the next edition of Treknology, and it’s all about time travel! Yes! So Seriously, buckle up, and have a listen.

And then, once you’ve done that, head over to the show page at Podbean and especially listen to episode 111 with Colleen, then click like, share and subscribe. You’ll love it 🙂